Published by Mark Beasley on October 2, 2015

Local SEO Tips To Improve Rankings

Local SEO Ranking

The importance of a successful local SEO can never be underestimated by any business/organization, large or small alike. Local businesses are sometimes overwhelmed by search engine optimization; this is because they feel that SEO is a marketing activity that can only be dominated by large companies with big budgets. However, SEO is a marketing activity that local businesses can also capitalize on in order to increase their prospects. It is the aim of this article to give you the best SEO tips that will help your business move to the front page of the local search rankings and dominate it.


It is very crucial to research your keywords. You can use the keyword planner tool by Google and get to know the number of times a keyword is searched per month. You should also see the similar phrases. Make sure that when your keyword is used, Google is showing local business results. Choose a keyword that is relevant to your business and make sure that the keyword has enough search volume. If the keyword has only been searched a few number of times in a month, then it is not a good keyword to go after. Therefore, use a keyword that people are using.

Keep things consistent

Always maintain consistent information about your business. Share the name, address and phone number in the same style using the same exact information always. Your websites, social media, maps, and directories should bear the same information. Consistency reinforces your brand in the online world. Your search is strengthened by the consistency of the name, address, and phone number you post on your sites.

Claim listings

When you claim your listings, you spread your business throughout the web with stronger numbers. Your name, address, and phone number should be listed on local directories so that it can help search engines and clients find you easily and quickly. Start by updating your business in all the best local directories and then move to the industry-specific directories.

Invest in content

Having the right keyword will boost your rankings alright but without content, the rankings won’t create any impact on your business. The content you post will always bring an audience. It also strengthens your businesses online image. Regular posting of content to the site about your business while at the same time incorporating your keywords, will always reinforce the strength of your keyword.

Your Rankings

Using the right keywords and having the right content will help take your business to the first page of the search engines. However, the goal is to always secure your rankings. Ask for shares and follows from your prospects. Never ignore any review from the visitors to your site. Pay special attention to the negative reviews because they are bound to happen and address them as soon as possible


Using the above tips will help your business secure and maintain its place on the first page of Google. It is important to note here that you need to engage your clients in order to maintain them and bring new ones to your business. Remember to use the above tips in order to dominate your local SEO rankings.

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