Published by Mark Beasley on July 29, 2015

SEO and It’s Secrets

SEO-1As many of you surely know, SEO means Search Engine Optimization. In other words, this is an internet marketing technique that helps your site become more visible in the online environment, optimizing it for an easier finding.

The truth is that many people build their sites without having the slightest knowledge about many aspects. One has to take into consideration different facts before building the site, and one of these is the target audience. As you can’t target everyone at once, you will need to have an analysis to know exactly what your audience is made of and what the prefferences of the people are.

The SEO will only help you even more, by increasing the visibility of your site, allowing your target audience to find it easier.

Here is what SEO is about.

The Content

What do you do when you land on a page? You read a few lines and you can decide in less than 15 seconds if the site is worth staying there or not. The same can be said about any other user – people decide very fast if something is worth their attention. Because of this, what you add to your site as content should be of interest and full of valuable information. You can not afford to lose your customers and your visitors because you didn’t have the right content to show them.

seo (2)The right content is the content that does more than just catch their eyes – it makes them recommend you to other users, share your links and like your social media profile. The right content makes you wanted.

The Links

When you insert links in your content, this creates credibility, meaning that your content is relevant, informative and people can trust it. It is very easy, as whenever you link to someone’s web site, your visibility also increases. Apart from this, in time this could lead to other web sites linking to you, adding a link to your web site in their own content.

However, don’t simply assume that any link is enough. When you choose your links, make sure that they are related to the content that you have and they are also related to the key word that you use. This means that you can’t link a word like “fruits” to a website that has content about cars and engines. Both of them have to be relevant.

The Smoothness of the Website

You have to have a website that is error-free. The end user will get bored very SEOsoon and leave if your site isn’t fully uploaded in 5 seconds. Apart from this, every section of the site should work in the same way – clear images, clear text and working links. Don’t forget about those, because once people notice that your links lead nowhere, they won’t come back very soon.

Apart from this, make sure that your website is hosted on a good server, that doesn’t create problem. However, if anything happens, you should be able to contact the hosting provider for solving the issue.

The Keywords

Last but not least, the keywords are used constantly in SEO. The keywords represent those words or phrases that people are using when they are browsing with a search engine. For example, if they want to know about the benefits of smoothies made of fruits, they will write “smoothies benefits”. The search engine will give them a list of plenty results. The site with the most relevant content and with the highest visibility will be on top of the list.

That was a short explanation, but the truth is that with the right keywords in the right content you can increase your ranking in the results provided by the search engine, leading you even to a number 1 position.

That is just a part of what SEO means, but a good web developer will help you with all the questions that you can arise regarding this subject.

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